Calcium Oxide Powder

Hygroscope-P is Calcium Oxide in powder form, with a purity of 95 %. The function of Hygroscope-P is to absorb moisture and eliminate moisture related problems in plastics and rubber applications. It can be used as a desiccant in PE/PP masterbatches, rubber compounds and PVC plastisols. Calcium Oxide forms Calcium Hydroxide once it absorbs water.

Applications for Calcium Oxide are listed as follows:

● Desiccant masterbatch production

● Filler masterbatch to extend the shelf life of the product and to absorb moisture in raw materials

● Plastics recycling

● Pressureless, continuous curing systems such as microwave, LCM, hot air and fluid beds.

● Wastewater treatment

● Low pressure curing in the cable industry

● Construction chemicals where moisture must be eliminated


Chemical Characteristics: Calcium Oxide 

Appearance: White, Powder 

CaO (%): 95 

SiO2(%): 0.02 Max

MgO (%): 0.8 Max.

Al2O(%): 0.2 Max.

Fe2O(%): 0.02 Max.

Particle Size: d10=  0.63 µm   d50= 1.30 µm       d99=11.36 µm

Shelf life: One year after production date 

Packing: 1 kg/ 5 kg EVA bags placed in a carton box 

                25 kg or 1 MT PE lined bags 

According to FDA 21 CFR 184.1210 regulation, Calcium Oxide is categorized as GRAS

(Generally Recognized as Safe) product;therefore, Calcium Oxide can be used in plastics that may be in contact with food.

According to EU 10/2011 regulation, Calcium Oxide is an authorised food additive respectively by Regulation (EC) No 1333/2008 or Regulation (EC) No1334/2008. Therefore, Calcium Oxide can be used as a food additive and also in plastics contacting with food.

Dessicant Masterbatch 

Calcium Oxide is the main raw material in dessicant masterbatch production. Desiccant masterbatch is a plastic dehumidier for recycled materials. It is functional masterbatch designed to absorb the moisture in plastics applications in order to eliminate moisture related problems.

Recommended formula for dessicant masterbatch


Dessicant Masterbatch Formula 

Content (%)

                                   Calcium Oxide  40- 60 

Calcium Carbonate






Hygroscope-P/UP products are REACH registered.


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