Tepe Kimya offers wide range of processing aid for rubber industry.

Below is the list of the products:

Product Code Chemical Name Physical Form Melting Point Type TDS
Tepelub 112 Glycerolester Poweder - Flakes 50-52°C Internal Download
Tepelub 120 Acid Wax Bead - Flakes 60-63°C External Download
Tepelub 122 PE Wax Powder - Flakes 95-105°C External Download
Tepelub 150 Fatty Alchohol Bead - Flakes 60-62°C Internal Download
Tepelub 155 Ester Wax Liquid - Internal Download
Tepelub H-310 Onepack Powder - Flakes 86-88°C Internal Lubricant Download
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