Calcium - Zinc Stearate

Kresby TP 316 used as dispersing agent in order to obtain better dispersion of fillers, especially Calcium Carbonate, pigment and carbon blacks.

Kresby TP 316 improve the rubber or plastic compound flow of all kinds of plastic compounds which are calendered, extruded or used for transfer and mouldings.

Kresby TP 316 compatible all kind of Plastic PE, PP, ABS, PS,... etc and all rubber NR, BR, EPDM, CR, NBR, IIR, CSM, BR, EVA, ECO, CM.


Chemical Charasteristics Combination of fatty acid derivatives and metal soap
Appearance White Powder
Melting Point 95 ± 5 Celcius Degree
Ash Content 15 % ±1
Sotrage Stability 2 years under cool and dry storage conditions in orginally packing
Packing Paper bags containing 20 kg net
Dosage 2 – 4 phr
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