Magnesium Stearate

Metallic Soap Magnesium Stearate -Mg(C18H35O2)2 -

Magnesium Stearate specially designed for Polyolefin applications. It is an excellent mould release agent and also acts as a lubricant for halogen free cable.

It is very compatible with all Rubbers and Plastic material Tepe Kimya offers an extensive range of Magnesium Stearates in addition to our standard products, we also provide customised additive solutions that are entirely based on customers individual requirements.


Chemical Charasteristics Magnesium Soap
Appearance Fine, white powder
Specific Gravity 4.5 % ±0.5
Free Fatty Acid 0.5 % Max.
Melting Point 135°C ± 10
Ash Content 2.8 % ±0.5
Moisture 1% Max.
Iodine Number 0.5% Max.
Particle Size (200 mesh residue) 0%
Shelf Life Two years after production date
Packing 20 kg paper bags
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