Kresby TP 342

KRESBY TP 342 highly effective process additive and mould release agent

KRESBY TP 342 is a internal lubricant and filler dispersant

KRESBY TP 342 compatible NR, SBR, EPDM, CR, NBR, IIR, CSM, BR, EVA, ECO, CM.

KRESBY TP 342 suitable for pressureless vulcanisation process e.g. UHF, LCM, Hot Air and Fluid Bed. KRESBY TP 342 does not influence the peroxide curing negatively


Chemical Characteristics : Blend of fatty acid derivatives

Appearance : Beige, beads

Dropping Point : 80 º C ± 2 Storage

Stability : 3 years under cool and dry storage conditions in orginally packing

Packing : Paper bags containing 25 kg net

Dosage : 2 – 5 phr

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